Who Knows About Skin Care Philosophy?

I don’t know about you, but I’ll bet that you haven’t heard that much about skincare philosophy yet, don’t you? Before we talk about philosophies, do you have any personal belief with regard to skincare? Because that would definitely help you out here.If you are interested about caring for your skin most, you should come up with a way on how to choose a belief that is related to your best interests. Like for instance, if your skincare philosophy is more of believing that branded names are the best to use for your skin, then yo have to prove yourself that you are right all about it.However, this philosophy or personal belief may change during time, more of if you have read any information about branded skincare products which are said to contain harmful chemicals that may cause cancer after prolong exposure or usage of the product itself. You will find this very intriguing and you will do your own research to prove this right or wrong.But to end your worries, you must remember, that the decision would always be yours. If you need to shift to another skincare philosophy, it’s nobody’s business but your own. Nevertheless whatever you choose you would definitely look forward to the one that would be beneficial on your part, won’t you?Finding out that your branded skincare product contains harmful elements that may be detrimental to your overall health would be very aggravating on your part. However, you should always choose to be on the safer side, right? So instead of opting to choose those chemical based branded products, you can just go for natural based products which are safe and effective.And if you are looking for the right product that would fit your needs, you may start from products which contains natural Cynergy TK. Cynergy TK is an ingredient that has been known to keep the skin healthy and alleviate issues which has to do with skin aging.

The Six Day Weekend Philosophy

While there are loads of people who make money, it’s our philosophy as 6DWers (Six Day Weekenders) that separates us. The key is freedom. Making enough money to support the lifestyle YOU want. Not the lifestyle society says you should have. Not what your parents want for you. What YOU want to do.Being able to do what you want, when you want, where you want and how you want. Sure, material things are nice and I’m not saying you should sell them all and become a monk, but being a true 6DWer is about ultimate freedom.It’s why we spend the time to create these businesses. And why affiliate marketing is the best model for being a 6DWer. Most people live their lives not far from where they’re born. They grow up, marry someone from the same area, build a house in that area, raise kids and repeat. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But it’s not for me and since you’re reading this too, chances are it’s not the life you dream about.Most people live out the majority of their lives waiting for retirement. “That’s when I’ll stop running the rat race and start living the life I want”. But 99% of them never do. By then, the vast majority of people just don’t have the means to do what they want.So they take up lawn bowls and keep living like they always have. But 6DWers are different. We realize that now is the time to live. Screw waiting 40 years for retirement. Life isn’t that long and unless you’re some sort of child prodigy, chances are a fair amount of your life is up.If that scares you, then good! Maybe it’s what you need. Maybe you need a kick up the butt to get you moving in the right direction.The 6DW philosophy isn’t brand new, nor is it something I thought of myself. For years there has been a class of people known as Permanent Travelers (or PTs for short). People who don’t spend their life in one place, but continually move around the world doing whatever they want.Being a PT might not be the thing for you, but it’s definitely nice to have the option to at least give it a shot. You might just find you like it…There are more 6DWers out there than you probably realize. There’s not really any way to tell them apart from the rest of the population (what some people unflatteringly call the masses). 6DWers come in all shapes and sizes.I have a friend who lives in a certain South American country like an absolute king, using the same techniques I use. I don’t have a photo of his house to show you (he’s a very private guy) but it’s amazing.If you saw how this guy lives, you’d think he was making millions. But he’s not. In the country he lives in, things are very cheap so he lives like a king on $5000 USD a month. Do you think you can achieve that level of income?If you don’t, I’m going to change your mind by the end of this book, I promise you…
While you might love the country of your birth, there’s nothing stopping you from going overseas and seeing what other countries have to offer. The worst case scenario is that you come home feeling more appreciative of your own country.I have another friend who decided to head overseas for an entire year. He based himself in one country and took short trips across the rest of Europe. And he tells me he only worked occasionally and because he wanted to, not because he needed the money.